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Resident Evil 2 is one of those games I hope they do eventually remake (Chronicles not counting), but there are a few things I'd like to see done, given the advances in the almost 20 years since the original game and how Resident Evil 6 played out. First off, none of the events of Operation Raccoon City can be canonical (including the DLC). Second: they should combine RE3 Nemesis and RE2

Playable Characters/Storylines

Leon and Claire should be pretty much the same only have them cross a few more different areas to get to the police station.  Also, more areas in general to cross/explore before getting to the police station would be great.  Make Claire's diner encounter and Leon's street encounter before meeting each other tutorial sections; the two of them getting to the police car would be the tutorial on the NPC partner system for later use.  Perhaps make the driving cutscene a QTE/minigame (*maybe performance in the QTE could affect A/B scenarios, which were dependent on what position the car ended up in*)?.  Also, Claire and Leon should partner up for a few other portions of the game.  Possibilities include fighting the T-00 after they reunite in the Police Station (after Leon chases Sherry / before he gives Claire the radio) and definitely fighting the final form of Birkin/G.

Sherry should remain an NPC except maybe for that single point in Claire's game.  Maybe playable in a mini-game where she has to get to the police station where you can earn points to use in the main game. But Leon's story should end with him being interrogated and then recruited by Adam Benford after he and Sherry are rescued/captured by the military.  Also, include a scene where Sherry does get told about or meets Leon so that plot-hole of her knowing who he is is eliminated.

Would like to see a little bit larger roles for Robert Kendo and Marvin Branagh rather than just being encountered once alive and once as zombies.  Perhaps Jill (see below) could encounter Robert during her storyline on her way to the warehouse or the police station?

Also, Claire should not be the only one to encounter Chief Irons (see bosses/boss-like encounters).

Ada: the whole story. Her infiltrating the infected city, traveling to the police station, the parts where she's off-screen after meeting Leon (like finding a way back to the other side of the door) and her escape (covered in Umbrella Chronicles: Death's Door). 

HUNK: just take the prologue mission of ORC, scratch USS Delta Team from the continuity, and tack it onto the "Fourth Survivor" mission from RE2 and Umbrella Chronicles. The rest of Alpha team can fill in for "Wolfpack."  Perhaps have them fight monsters released by William and/or Annette Birkin to stop them?  In the Birkin assassination cutscene he is clearly getting ready to transport the virus, so he probably knows they are coming, and they have this security control room with a bunch of cameras.  How come nobody saw these guys come in?  Possible connections:
  • Have the unused USS characters from the Outbreak games (Derek, Conrad and Miguel) as AI squadmates to help fill out Alpha Team.
  • Have HUNK or one of these other guys be the person who was sighted in the sewers by the patrolman (Patrol report document from RE2) and fled, dropping the plastic explosive/detonator and handgun ammo

Jill: the events of Nemesis, slightly extended, beginning inside of Jill's apartment building on September 27.  Show her fighting her way down to the street, meeting up with Dario Rosso and both of them getting to the warehouse.  I know, escort missions suck, especially when you have to escort characters you know are going to die anyway; but it could be like the Chris/Piers scenario in RE6, where the secondary characters who affect the plot can't get killed by the enemy unless scripted to do so.  So, maybe Dario can't be killed but other survivors can be killed/turned by monsters, but saving them gives you some kind of achievement / XP. 

Carlos: Again, events of Nemesis extended, but do the events leading up to him meeting Jill, where his unit gets inserted (September 26) and is whittled down to just a few people (similar to the Chris/Piers military type story in RE6) and the time he is off-screen.  Also, show some of the things he has to do during the nearly three-freakin' days that Jill is unconscious.  Perhaps have him actually contribute to the "fetch quest" to fix the tram by having him acquire half of the items that Jill does in Nemesis, or all new items.  Possible connections to other games:
  • Have one of his unit's first objectives be to rescue the unnamed Umbrella executive seen in the helicopter with Sergei Vladimir (Umbrella Chronicles: "Death's Door").
  • Have the unused UBCS characters for the Outbreak games as some of Carlos' AI squadmates or supporting characters (Clint, Mac, Matt and Billy). 

DLC Mini Storylines

Billy Coen: a prequel/interquel about him trying to survive/escape the Arklay Mountains and forest, which are still crawling with monsters between the time of RE0/RE1 and Racoon's destruction.  Also, the mansion lab self destruct caused a forest fire.  Monsters from the "Flashback" segment of RE: Outbreak could possibly appear. Zombified mountain lion(s) and/or black bear(s) could feature as bosses/sub-bosses.

Barry Burton
: basically reveals how/where he acquired the helicopter and managed to break what was probably restricted airspace patrolled by the military.

Mercenaries / Multiplayer Mode Additional Playable Characters
  • Mikhail Victor (initially playable)
  • Nikolai Zinoviev (initially playable)
  • Tyrell Patrick (unlocked by talking to him without Nikolai present and he dies by booby-trap)
  • Murphy Seeker (unlocked by Carlos mercy-killing him instead of Nikolai getting to him first)
  • Marvin Branagh (Unlock?)
  • Robert Kendo (Unlock?)
  • Brad Vickers (unlocked by finding/killing his zombie, as in original RE2, *or by collecting BOTH his and Jill's STARS Cards as Jill*)
  • Barry Burton (Unlock; see below for possibilities)
  • Chief Brian Irons (Unlock; see below for possibilities)
  • Chris Redfield (initially playable because he appeared in the Extreme Battle minigame for the Dual Shock edition of RE2)
  • Billy Coen (unlocked by finding Rebecca's Report)
  • *Annette Birkin (Unlock?  She apparently had enough skill to grapple with the trained Ada and was even able to shoot Ada's pistol out of her hands; maybe melee moves with a syringe, like Excella Gionne, or a scalpel).*
  • *Rebecca Chambers (unlocked by finding Film D in Wesker's desk and developing it in the dark room)*

Creatures Returning from RE2 / RE3


Arklay/Raccoon Monsters Introduced by Other RE Games

  • Crimson-Heads (RE-make): they're an intermediate stage between zombies and lickers, so they could be found where the first outbreaks within the city limits occurred, in places like the Waste Disposal Plant, because those would have had the oldest zombies next to the lab and sewers under the RPD HQ. 
  • Hunter R (RE: Outbreak): they were present in Birkin's underground lab; in the N64 version of RE2 they were referred to in a researcher's will and one of their corpses is found in the laboratory culture room on B4F.  It would seem silly not for them to make at least a token live appearance in the underground lab portion of the game; again, possibly deliberately released by pre-infection William Birkin. 
  • Mega-Bite (RE: Outbreak): perhaps make these an earlier life-stage of the Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker from RE3 encountered in earlier parts of the outbreak, like Carlos' story (starts on September 26).
New Monsters I'd Like to See
  • Rats: The infected rats were supposed to have helped spread the virus, but according to the developers the cockroaches ate almost the entire population of rats, despite them also being monsters.  Perhaps in the scenarios set more towards the beginning of the outbreak (like HUNK's or Carlos'), rats could be fought while infiltrating the sewers.
  • Zombie Police Horse: nowhere does it say that RPD had a mounted unit, but nowhere does it say they didn't, either.  Officers are often deployed on horseback in crowd control scenarios, and a "riot" at a football game was the tipping point for panic of the outbreak.  A zombie horse with zombie "rider" dragged by a leg still caught in the stirrup would be pretty horrifying monster. Note: Found out recently that a zombie horse was one of the proposed monsters for RE2 that never made it into the game.
Bosses Returning from RE2/RE3
All of them (William Birkin, G, Nemesis-T, Giant Alligator, Grave Digger, T-103/T-00; the Giant Moth from RE2 isn't exactly a boss, but a unique monster), despite most of them being different iterations/multiple encounters of the same monster.

New Bosses / Boss-like-Encounters I'd Like to See

  • Chief Brian Irons: he started hunting down and killing survivors within RPD headquarters on September 26.  Jill (he likes blondes as trophies), Ada or Leon could encounter him in silhouette sniping from the shadows / from interior balconies in a mini-boss fight or random encounters (similar to the fight with Alfred Ashford in Code Veronica/Chronicles).  Hitting him a few times or close enough to him drives him off or you can wait him out.  Alternatively, they could be QTE cutscenes.  Driving him off instead of waiting him out could unlock him as a playable character for the Mercenaries game mode.
  • Annette Birkin (or Pre-Mutation William Birkin): they had to have access to the lab security systems and cameras.  They could release/direct monsters or remote activate weapons/traps against HUNK and USS Alpha Team or Ada.  Also, have an actual interactive confrontation between Annette and Ada.  Annette apparently had enough skill to grapple with the trained Ada and was even able to shoot Ada's pistol out of her hands.
All of the old ones should be there, of course, but would like to see a little more of the city before getting to the police station.  It sort of feels like there are only two "acts" in RE2; the police station and the underground lab.  It's a small city and the outside of the station is hardly in it.  Yes, that's what RE3 is for, but even then, they still end up in the police station.  Would be nice to enter some of the locations featured in Outbreak, except for the zoo, unless retcon'ed.  Also, in previous games, the Raccoon Fire Department is barely ever shown.  Having to go through a fire station for a key item (like a hydrant wrench or fire-axe, see below) and having to fight through firefighter or paramedic zombies (like in Tall Oaks in RE6) would be interesting.  Also, add more enterable rooms to the police headquarters

I think that storyline gameplay should remain single player only.  The points where characters partner up in the original RE2 and RE3 are scattered, which doesn't make for a great multiplayer experience, unless player two feels like sitting and waiting to jump into two different characters (one of them a defenseless little girl) throughout the game, or play a generic character (like in Ada's storyline in RE6).  The Mercenaries and other minigames would be the multiplayer modes. 

Camera Perspective/Environment
While the camera angles created interesting atmosphere, the camera perspective of RE4 onwards is definitely better. And, of course scripted trigger encounters (like Leon looking into a mirror at a certain point in RE6) can change angles and that can add atmosphere. The interrogation room encounter can be maintained, this way. Would also like to be able to enter the observation room on the other side and what lies beyond.

Darkness should play a role in creating tension/fear in this remake, giving more importance to the cigarette lighter and other light-source items.  Certain weapons could be fitted with lighted forearms (like the MP5s were in the Birkin assassination cutscenes for later games) that serve the same purpose.  Or perhaps forearm/tactical lights for the different shoulder arms can be found during the game and combined in inventory. 

Being able to do hand-to-hand combat maneuvers (especially crushing skulls) at-will like the melee prompts of RE4 through RE6 , or the "physical attack" from RE6, would be a major plus. More melee weapons in general, like RE: Outbreak, would be a plus, since ammunition should be considered a valuable commodity and you don't always want to use it on lesser enemies.

That having been said, regular zombies should still have a chance of dropping some ammo or other items appropriate to their former-human type (patrol officer zombies should drop 9mm or.40 caliber Handgun or 12g Shotgun ammo, SWAT/UBCS/military zombies could drop any of those plus 5.56mm/Assault Rifle or 40mm GL ammo).

Another feature of RE6 that I liked was the ability to pull impaled weapons out of zombies and use them to dispatch them immediately as part of QTE/prompt-melee attacks. I'd like to see that, but perhaps also the option to keep them and use them later.  Stealth and environment attacks/kills should also make a return.  Noise should attract more zombies.

Automatic defense weapons, while a cool addition to RE-make, aren't as fair or appealing to me as QTE or melee/counter prompts. Your character is already limited enough by ammunition. Defense should rely mainly on your skill and difficulty level, but what weapon(s) you are armed with should definitely make a difference when you're grabbed/attacked.

Knives or other one-handed melee weapons should not take up an inventory slot, but something like the "personal item" slot, and be interchangeable.  Have them used automatically as part of hand-to-hand/physical attack combos or QTEs like RE5 or as a separate button like RE4, unless a weapon that requires two hands is equipped. RE6 requiring a knife to be equipped was fair enough, though. As stated earlier, you can change out the small melee weapon/item for another one, either discarding it or keeping it in an inventory slot for later, or even using it as a primary weapon if you're low on ammo.

Any kind of points reward gained should be used for skill rather than weapon upgrades (like RE6). 

Weapons / Items

Use real-life firearms, again, rather than the "inspired by" models of RE4, RE6, Chronicles and ORC. That means MP5 sliding-stock variants for HUNK/USS/RPD SWAT; M4A1s for UBCS/RPD SWAT.  Also, please illustrate and model them correctly, this time around. :P :-)

Again, no upgrades to the weapons except with parts or ammunition picked up in-game (undecided about the reloading tool aspect from Nemesis); real-life magazine capacity and cyclic rate of fire is what you get. No "percentage" magazines except on things that feed from a battery or a tank (i.e., spark gun and flamethrower).

Give firearms the ability to have an additional round in the chamber on a tactical reload. Also, like RE6, keep ammunition based on actual cartridge rather than by weapon type, so a player has to choose carefully when loading weapons that use the same rounds (such as a 9mm handgun and an SMG).

Have multiple fire modes (single shot or automatic/burst) on appropriate weapons.

Certain firearms should be able to double as melee weapons when out of ammo or with the melee prompt/physical attack, as with RE6; a buttstroke or pistol whip. But, again, more melee weapons in general are desirable.

Certain key/event items could also be used as improvised melee weapons (like the wrench and fire hook from RE3).  Maybe only certain characters have this improvised weapon ability by default and/or it can be purchased with skill points?

Returning from RE2/RE3

With the exception of a few of these, I don't want them to be exclusive to one character's storyline (like the "bowgun" and shotgun were in RE2).

  • Custom Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" (RE3 Jill's Handgun): in any minigames, Chris Redfield and Brad Vickers would have their respective versions of this weapon, also.  Maybe he would actually have Kevin Sullivan's or another Bravo Team members Samurai Edge, since he canonically didn't have his own pistol when he entered the mansion?
  • H&K VP70M (RE2 Leon's Handgun): still upgradable to selective-fire if shoulder stock is found
  • Browning HP (RE2 Claire's Handgun)
  • Colt Single-Action Army (Easter Egg / Claire's Special Costume Gun): can be "fanned" for higher rate of fire but reduced accuracy.  It should use unique ammo, though (.45 Colt), but be more powerful than the standard 9mm handguns.  Still an easter egg/unlockable used with Claire's alternate costume.
  • STI Eagle 6.0 (RE3 Easter Egg Weapon): in RE3, its damage and capacity are equal to each character's basic handgun but it has a higher chance of scoring a critical.  First off, find a different way to acquire this weapon; WTF is Nemesis doing with these parts for weapons it can't even use?  Especially since this is a competition pistol, not a combat pistol.  Decide on a caliber for this weapon and give it magazine capacity/damage based on that (.45 ACP: 11+1; 9mm PB: 17+1; .40 S&W: 14+1); I would go with .45 ACP.  If they have to insist on such specific conditions for obtaining it, make it worthwhile: more damage AND higher critical chance, along with the scope (which was illustrated/modeled backwards in the original game) actually being usable.  Capacity should be the only downside compared to the basic handguns. 
Magnum Handguns
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX (.50 AE) (RE2 Magnum): this is also used by Irons in cutscenes (with a blued finish), and should be one of his weapons in any minigames.  Give it the correct magazine capacity of 7 (+1 in the chamber), this time.
  • S&W Model 629 Classic (.44 Magnum) (RE3 Magnum)
  • Ingram MAC-11 (.380 ACP) (RE2 Submachine Gun): I actually am waffling on whether or not I would keep this in, as it is a (non-easter egg) weapon that fires a caliber used by none of the other in-game firearms.  Also, it seems a weird choice given that intros and in-game cutscenes in both RE2 and RE3 show that the H&K MP5 (see below, under New Weapons / Items) is in use by the RPD.  Plus, ammunition for it in the original game is already extremely scarce (which makes some sense given its non-RPD-standard caliber), and its real life capacity is only 32 rounds.  A skill that increases the rate at which .380 ACP ammunition is found/dropped might make up for it.  Alternatively, this weapon could just be changed to be the 9mm Parabellum version, so it uses a type common with other weapons.  This weapon can be used one-handed (sacrificing accuracy), but the rate of fire will be extremely high (capable of emptying the magazine in 1.5 seconds), so you must play carefully.
  • Remington 870 (RE2 Shotgun): no longer upgradable to Remington 1100, as they are based on completely different actions.  Perhaps a folding or fixed stock (improving accuracy/critical chance/melee damage) or forearm light could be found for it, or different versions appear of it in the game.  For example, the initial pistol-gripped, short-barreled 4+1 shot magazine version could be ditched later for a full-length barrel 7+1 magazine version, with either a folding or fixed stock (like "Shotgun E" in RE: Outbreak File #2).  Two variants of Model 870 were shown in the opening cutscene for RE3 used by the RPD; they could appear in game
  • Benelli M3 Super 90 (RE3 Shotgun): used in semi-automatic mode only this time around so that it is distinguished from the Remington.


  • M4A1 Assault Carbine (RE3 Assault Rifle): used by Carlos and the UBCS and on Easy mode Jill starts play with one; Carlos' and Jill's are depicted in the in-game icon/model as having several attachments, but all of the ones depicted in UBCS cutscenes are "Plain Jane" M4A1s.  Make attachments that can be combined in inventory or multiple variants with attachments already installed able to be found (ACOG scope, forearm light, etc.).
  • Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" (RE3 "Western Custom M37" / Easter egg weapon): call it by its correct name and have it use the correct ammo (.44-40); M37 is a shotgun, not a rifle, and made by a completely different company with a completely different caliber and type of action.  Another Easter-Egg weapon, but, like the STI Eagle 6.0 it seems too weird for the parts to make it to be found by defeating Nemesis.  Find different spots to pick it up or just put it in the mercenaries game in an alternate "cowgirl" costume for Jill.  Or, if they absolutely must have it use 12g shotgun ammo and go for the T2 look, make it a sawed-off Winchester 1887
Miscellaneous Weapons
  • Crossbow (RE2 Bow-Gun): have single-fired arrows/bolts, like in Code Veronica. Still useful against lickers.  Perhaps have this be one of Ada's starting weapons, since she uses them in RE4 and RE6 and in the Extreme Battle Mode of RE2(DS)?
  • Flamethrower (RE2)
  • Spark Gun (RE2)
  • Knife (Both): Everyone should start with one of these, except Leon, Carlos and *maybe* Jill (for what they could get instead, see "New Weapons / Items" below).  Claire should get Chris' STARS custom knife (Chris used his own survival knife in REMake rather than the STARS custom knife presumably received by all its officers), as she does in Darkside Chronicles.  Also, like Darkside Chronicles, give her the ability to throw the knife as a desperation attack; it can be picked up from the dead enemy, afterward.  This might be an exclusive ability; Leon throws a knife in later-game cutscenes, but this could be something he learns how to do later.
  • Lighter (Both Key/Event Item): Again, make this item more important than just as a key item.  Give it the ability to be a mobile light source (like Code Veronica) when it is equipped in the personal/secondary item slot described above, allowing it to be used with a one-handed weapon like the knife or (non-Magnum) handgun. Claire should start play with Chris' lighter or find it at his desk in the STARS Office, as she starts play with it in Code Veronica, and they had no contact between the events of RE2 and CV
  • *Wrench (RE3 Key Item): can now be equipped as a weapon in addition to being a key item, so its use of an inventory slot is even more worthwhile.  Maybe only certain characters have this ability or it can be purchased with skill points?*
  • *Fire Hook (RE3 Key Item) / Manhole Opener (RE2 Event Item): can now be equipped as a weapon in addition to being a key/event item, so its use of an inventory slot is even more worthwhile.  Maybe only certain characters have this ability or it can be purchased with skill points?*

New Weapons / Items

  • Glock 19 Gen 3 (Ada's new Handgun): Ada was originally equipped in RE2 with a Browning HP, like Claire, but can fire faster and uses a different stance/technique.  I would like to see a different handgun for her entirely, though, so characters are a bit more distinctive in their initial equipment.  The partial real-life basis for her Blacktail pistol (RE4 and REUC), the Springfield XD, was based on a Croatian design not produced until 2000, but its base model (which has a 4" barrel) strongly resembles a compact-frame Glock, and thus, the Blacktail.  A Glock 17 already appeared in the RE: Outbreak series as the "Handgun GL" and in Code Veronica as Chris' handgun.  Intermediate magazine capacity (15) between Leon's VP70M (18) and Claire's Browning HP (13) (Glock 17 uses a 17 round magazine), but can't be upgraded to burst fire mode.  Since the Glock Gen 3 has an integral accessory rail, her weapon could already be equipped with a tactical light and/or laser aiming module as her Blacktail is in other games
  • SIG SIGPRO SP2340 or SIG P226 (Carlos' new "Merc's Handgun"): SIGPRO SP2009 (9mm), identified as Carlos' "Merc's Handgun" was not introduced until 1999; the first SIGPRO, model SP2340, was chambered for .40 S&W; it was first shown to the press in June of 1998.  Maybe Umbrella was the first bulk customer?  Retcon'ing and making his initial pistol a .40 S&W with slightly more damage than Jill's "Samurai Edge" but with a lower magazine capacity (12) would be a good way of distinguishing them.  If not the SP2340, then go with a P226 in .40 S&W (12 round capacity) or 9mm (15 round capacity).  The ORC UBCS/USS handgun was based on the SIG P226 (9mm) and the "Handgun SG" in Outbreak (and used by Carlos in Umbrella Chronicles) was based on the compact version of it, the SIG P228.  Naturally, this would also be used by all unlocked UBCS members in any minigames. 
  • H&K USP9 or USP 45 Tactical (HUNK's New Handgun): I understand they needed to save memory/reuse assets, but HUNK having the same handgun as Leon just isn't very interesting.  In The Mercenaries 3D, HUNK uses a P8 (USP9 variant adopted by the Bundeswehr) with incorrect capacity.  So, either of the suggested weapons would keep with HUNK's tradition of having an H&K (or H&K-inspired) pistol.  A suppressed handgun would fit the clandestine ops nature of the USS team and be a useful weapon against lickers; in this case, it would have to be the USP 45 Tactical, which has a threaded barrel to accept a suppressor and was introduced in 1998, but the USP9 version was not introduced until 2004. The USP9 holds 15 rounds in the magazine, making it on par with most other handguns in the game.  The USP 45 Tactical holds 12 rounds in the magazine but would deal more damage.
  • Beretta 92FS / M9 (Marvin & Other RPD / Billy Coen): this was supposedly the new standard issue for RPD at the time of the outbreak in the process of phasing out the Browning HP.  None of the officers in cutscenes for RE3 are carrying it, though, and one can't be found in RE2.  This is mainly just for the sake of variety in story mode, in case Claire wants two more rounds in the magazine; that should be the only difference. It will be one of Marvin's starting weapons in any minigames.  Beretta 92FS under the M9 designation (and skin / markings) would appear as one of Billy Coen's starting weapons in his minigame appearances, replacing the M1911 inspired "Army Handgun" of RE0.
  • SIG P228 (Annette Birkin / William Birkin in Cutscenes): in RE: Outbreak this was depicted as the "Handgun SG" and was the weapon issued to Umbrella researchers in the Raccoon City Underground Lab.  While the staff using one of the same handguns as the RPD (Browning HP), as in RE2, makes logistical sense, if Umbrella had logistical sense and not overloaded their disposal system, the Outbreak wouldn't have happened. :P :-)

Magnum Handguns
  • Barry's Custom Taurus Raging Bull 454 (.454 Casull): according to a note found in the N64 version of RE2, this was ordered from the Kendo Brothers by Barry Burton, but given to one of the survivors when the outbreak occurred.  This could be an "easter-egg" weapon; not necessarily unlocked, but possibly found in a secret area and/or in the hands of a corpse (zombie or otherwise).  Perhaps finding it also unlocks Barry in the Mercenaries mini-game?  Not as powerful a cartridge as the .50 AE Desert Eagle and only 5 shots, but maybe this could have a higher critical chance, less-diminished damage at range due to a scope, or other customizations by the Kendo Brothers?  If it is indeed equipped with a scope, perhaps it could also be used in first person view?  Also, one of these (without scope) previously appeared in RE0 (as the "Magnum Revolver" in-game or "Umbrella Magnum" in related products) as an unlockable weapon and another is found in the hangar where the Queen Leech is fought for the final time and only used in a cutscene.  Perhaps Billy could start with this version, kept after the Queen Leech fight, in his minigame appearances?
  • H&K MP5: It only appeared in cutscenes for RE2 and RE3, but appeared in play in other games, if not always in name (RE0, RE5, Chronicles, Outbreak). Perhaps multiple versions could appear, like the 870 above.  A forearm light variant or a forearm light pick-up is a must.
  • Big Game Rifle (Winchester Model 70 Super Express Classic perhaps?): this would be much like the "Hunting Rifle" (Sauer S202) from the Wild Things segment of REO File #2, a bolt-action repeater chambered for a big-game cartridge (.375 H&H Magnum or larger; in File #2 it was chambered for .458 Winchester), only fired from the shoulder (with a scope) rather than from the hip.  This would initially be used by Irons to snipe during boss-encounters, and can potentially be acquired by players later (maybe by beating him within a certain amount of time).  It would also appear as one of Irons' weapons in any minigame appearances.
  • Accuracy International AW (7.62mm NATO) or AWM (.300 Winchester or .338 Lapua Magnum) Sniper Rifle: you can pretty much throw a rock and find a good purpose-built sniper rifle for UBCS to use (in Outbreak, one UBCS sniper is depicted with an H&K PSG-1), but since Umbrella has British founders, it would be a good fit.  Its stock is also very distinctive looking and "tacticool."  This would be UBCS Sniper Murphy Seeker's weapon and the player will have an opportunity to acquire it in-game.
Hand Grenades
This weapon category appeared from RE4 onward, and since Mikhail is shown blowing himself up with one (as with Tyrell in an optional scene), these should be able to be used by the player this time around.  *If a character is grappled by a monster while equipped with/holding a grenade, then a successful defense QTE/counter should have them stick the grenade in the creature's mouth or an open wound, pull the pin, and shove the creature away (in reference to the Flash-Bang grenade defense weapon's use in REmake and the dynamite zombies in RE6).*
  • Flash-Bang Stun Grenade: the most likely kind to be found in a police station, anyway. 

Grenade Launchers

  • M203A1 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: must be combined in inventory with the M4A1 carbine to use.  Cannot be mounted at the same time as the bayonet (see above).  Switched to by using the fire select mode.  Pretty much like the "Bear Commander" in RE6, and in the same manner I'd have it be limited to the HE rounds or buckshot rounds (new), as one of the real-life limitations of the M203A1 is that it is unable to accept some of the longer special purpose rounds due to its breech length and position. 
Melee Weapons
  • Telescoping/Expandable Steel Baton (16" or 21", more likely the latter): Possibly a Leon-exclusive item. Claire should start out with a knife, yes, but not Leon. It's more realistic for a patrol officer to have this on his belt than a fighting or survival knife. It distinguishes the characters, and since it will be less damaging than Claire's (formerly Chris') knife, it also balances the characters in terms of equipment since Leon's handgun magazine (H&K VP70M; 18) holds 5 more rounds than Claire's (Browning HP; 13). Leon can upgrade to a knife later (or lose his baton in a cutscene, somehow) to show shades of his future badassery with them.
  • Stun-gun: not completely new, since it was used by Jill as a defense weapon in RE-make (ammunition was "battery packs"), a QTE weapon in the Chronicles series and appeared as a normal weapon in the Outbreak series (exclusive to Alyssa, I think). Could make another appearance as a Jill-exclusive weapon and her initial melee weapon before acquiring a knife?
  • Bayonet (US M9 pattern): Possibly a Carlos-exclusive item (at least in story mode). It can be used on its own as a secondary / light melee weapon or part of physical attack combos, but when combined in inventory with the M4A1 (it can be detached later), it fixes the bayonet and allows the melee prompt/physical attack of bayonet thrusts and slashes, including finishing moves. Pretty much exactly like the "Assault Rifle RN" in RE6.  I later found out that Carlos' melee counterattack in Umbrella Chronicles is a series of buttstrokes with his SMG, so this would fit pretty well.
  • Riot Baton: a full-sized, fixed-length straight baton of 26" or 36." Too large for the melee prompt/physical attack secondary weapon slot. A side-handled baton (PR-24) might also be refreshing and distinguish it from a baseball bat or other improvised club weapons that could be found in game.
  • Riot Shield: if the ganados, majini, and j'avo could use shields, you should be able to, as well. Occupies the secondary/melee weapon slot, but can be used in tandem with a handgun or a one-handed melee weapon (use with SMG or carbine is possible in real-life if trained and under specific circumstances, but for game purposes, I don't think you should be able to without experience/skill point purchased abilities). Helps defend against pounce/tackle and projectile attacks and can be used to shove away or bash enemies. Might possibly be able to be destroyed if enough attacks are absorbed.  Either a plexiglass riot shield (allows you to see enemies better in the back view perspective) or a ballistic shield with a narrow window and light; possibly both, with one being stronger, naturally.
  • Fire Axe: self explanatory.  Perhaps it could serve as a key / event item in addition to being a weapon?
  • Halligan (aka "Hooligan") Tool: prying and smashing tool used by fire department and SWAT to enter buildings. As per fire axe, it could serve as a key / event item in addition to being a weapon.
  • Flashlight: may or may not be a Leon-exclusive item, but definitely one he should start with; it could be the equivalent of Claire's lighter. This would be small tactical flashlight that can be used in conjunction with a handgun (like the Harries technique used by Chris and Jill in the opening to RE-make), reducing accuracy because you won't be using two hands to grip the weapon (could be remedied with skill upgrades). It would be really interesting if this could be one of the heavy D-cell flashlights (Mag or Kel-Lite) that can also be used as a secondary melee weapon, or if one of those could be found, later. Flashing the light into an enemy's eyes at close range could daze them for a brief moment to allow escape or an opening for an attack; naturally, this wouldn't be effective on lickers.

Updates to this journal to come, of course.

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